Ryan Dunn is no more !!!

The Jackass star and an unnamed second person Ryan Dunn died in a car crash accident in Pennsylvania.The mother of his Jackass costar and close friend of Bam Margera has confirmed the death of Ryan Dunn to TMZ.

Ryan's Dunn driving a Porsche on Rotue 322 which hit the tree around 3am,before bursting into flames.Later,Pictures were released displaying a tow truck reaching at the spot to take away the remains of the vehicle - a report said that.It was unknown who was driving the car at the time of the car crash.

Several hours before the crash Ryan published some pictures on his twitter page which shows that he was drinking with some of his friends.Ryan turned 34 just over a week before.This popular star appeared at MTV show Homewrecker and being part of the Jackass Crew appeared in bam in Viva La Bam and in Haggard in 2003.