How To Select A Tattoo Artist

How To Select A Tattoo Artist

The only question as important, or more important than choosing the perfect Tattoo , is How To Select A Tattoo Artist. It doesnt matter if you find the perfect Tattoo , the one that will alway's be the best representation of you and the story of your life, if the Tattoo artist is less than sufficient to create the Tat itself.

Even though skin is definitely a physical canvas of sort's, it cant be hung on a wall somewhere, whether it be the Tattoo artist's office or a gallery somewhere.

What about picture's of past work?

That is the number 1 question I am asked when discussing how to select a tattoo artist. And yes, pictures do help. They will let you know the drawing skills of the that artist. But pictures are usually taken immediatley after the Tattoo is finished, or soon there-after. But that isnt always a true measure of the Artist's talent. There is a reason for this...