Oriental And Japanese Style

The trend of Oriental design is becoming extremely popular in America today.

Did you know that some of the oldest and most popular oriental designs are based on the Chinese alphabet? These characters are called Conji. and. unlike western alphabets. they are not letters. but rather ideograms. An ideogram is the symbol of a word or a concept. This kind of alphabet developed because of the far flung regions of China.

If you are not sure of the correct Conji. you may end up with a symbol that you do not want. American tatoo artists rarely understand Conji.Conji are very beautiful symbols and because of this have frequently been used in design. There is now even a trend to have Conji tatoos.

There are many wallpaper designs that incorporate an oriental theme in the pattern; the famous French "toile" is a good example of this and it is seen in many very sophisticated drawing rooms. Korean blankets are an Asian product the exhibits beautiful oriental designs in a practical product that is warm.