Tattoos Are They For You?


Tattoos have been around for a long time, about as long as 5000+ years, and they are as diverse as the people that wear them and in my generation it has turned into the "thing" to have just like body piercing, I have 2 piercings, where as my girlfriend has 8 piercings, and if you search the internet or check your e-mails there has been at least one person that has sent you a list of pictures that show someone who has their whole body either tattooed or pierced.

Tattoos are a big thing now a days but the hard part is figuring out:
What you want
Where you want it
What colours are there
What colours you want
How much will it set me back
Who is the best artist for the job
When is your appointment going to be (if you make one some artists are booked for months)

I will make a list so it will be easier to read.
Go to Google and search for a picture of what you want and print it out
You can draw it if your good at drawing (but if you want stick men you need any drawing techniques)
You can use Photoshop and make a picture in that and print it out(or MS paint if you don't have PS)
You can choose a design from what the tattoo artist shows you
And when in doubt just get someone's name with a nice font.

And just ask the artist about colours that you can get for your tattoo. It is up to you where you want it, but just remember your body is your canvas do what you want with it.Watch for more of my articles about tatoos.