The Welsh Red Dragon Tattoo

The red dragon and dragon tattoo art has been prominent in the folklore of most cultures, so many physical characteristics are present or absent in great variations around the world and include combinations of numerous animals. The Welsh national flag has a dragon on it it has two equal horizontal stripes, white above green, and a large red dragon passant. The dragon standard was perhaps first seen in Britain in the shape of the "draco" a standard carried by the cohorts of the Roman legion. There are many adaptations of this dragon ranging from ones that looked exactly like the Welsh flag to more stylized versions.

In later Christian iconography, the dragon appears most often as a symbol of the devil.

It can be very important to understand the meaning or symbolism behind dragon art tattoos or the Meaning of Celtic Knot Tattoo so you, your friends, your clients, or anybody for that matter, knows the symbolism of their Welsh dragon tattoo designs before selecting one.